Reference Images Tool

New in version 4.1.

The reference images tool is a replacement for the reference images docker. You can use it to load images from your disk as reference, which can then be moved around freely on the canvas and placed wherever. Tool Options

Add reference image
Load a single image to display on the canvas.
Load Set
Load a set of reference images.
Save Set
Save a set of reference images.
Delete all reference images
Delete all the reference images
Keep aspect ratio
When toggled this will force the image to not get distorted.
Lower the opacity.
Desaturate the image. This is useful if you only want to focus on the light/shadow instead of getting distracted by the colors.
Storage mode

How is the reference image stored.

Embed to *.kra
Store this reference image into the kra file. This is recommended for small vital files you’d easily lose track of otherwise.
Link to external file.
Only link to the reference image, krita will open it from the disk everytime it loads this file. This is recommended for big files, or files that change a lot.