Pattern Editing Tool


Deprecated since version 4.0: The pattern editing tool has been removed in 4.0, currently there’s no way to edit pattern fills for vectors

The Pattern editing tool works on Vector Shapes that use a Pattern fill. On these shapes, The Pattern Editing Tool allows you to change the size, ratio and origin of a pattern.

On Canvas-editing

You can change the origin by click dragging the upper node, this is only possible in Tiled mode.

You can change the size and ratio by click-dragging the lower node. There’s no way to constrain the ratio in on-canvas editing, this is only possible in Original and Tiled mode.

Tool Options

There’s several tool options with this tool, for fine-tuning:

First there’s the Pattern options.


This can be set to

This will only show one, unstretched, copy of the pattern.
This will let the pattern appear tiled in the x and y direction.
This will stretch the Pattern image to the shape.
Reference point:

pattern origin. This can be set to

  • Top-left
  • Top
  • Top-right
  • Left
  • Center
  • Right
  • Bottom-left
  • Bottom
  • Bottom-right.
Reference Point Offset:

For extra tweaking, set in percentages.

offset in the X coordinate, so horizontally.
offset in the Y coordinate, so vertically.
Tile Offset:
The tile offset if the pattern is tiled.
Pattern Size:

Fine Tune the resizing of the pattern.

The width, in pixels.
The height, in pixels.

And then there’s Patterns, which is a mini pattern docker, and where you can pick the pattern used for the fill.