Undo History

Undo History Docker


This docker allows you to quickly shift between undo states, and even go back in time far more quickly than rapidly reusing the Ctrl + Z shortcut.

Cumulative Undo

Cumulative Undo is a feature of Krita that allows merging similar undo states basing on their time separation. It makes the undo history cleaner.

Cumulative Undo settings are located under General -> Miscellaneous page of Krita settings dialog


In the advanced section of the settings you can configure the following properties:

Wait before merging strokes

The minimal age (in seconds) of the strokes to become subject to merging. This option allows you to keep undo for last N seconds intact.

Exclude last strokes from merge

The minimal number of strokes that undo history should have before merging will start. This option allows you to keep N last strokes intact.

Max interval group strokes

The maximum break the user takes between doing two strokes that can be considered to belong the same group. The lower the value, the more irrelevant strokes will be merged.

Max group duration

The maximum duration of a single group. When a group becomes too long, Krita just starts a new one.

Apart from these options, Krita will make sure that strokes of different colors, brush presets or blending modes are not merged together.