Straight Line Tool


This tool is used to draw lines. Click the mouseleft to indicate the first endpoint, keep the button pressed, drag to the second endpoint and release the button.

Hotkeys and Sticky Keys

To activate the Line tool from freehand brush mode, use the V key. Use other keys afterwards to constraint the line.

Use the Shift key while holding the mouse button to constrain the angle to multiples of 15º. You can press the Alt key while still keeping the mouseleft down to move the line to a different location.


Using the Shift keys BEFORE pushing the holding the left mouse button/stylus down will, in default Krita, activate the quick brush-resize. Be sure to use the Shift key after.

도구 옵션

The following options allow you to modify the end-look of the straight-line stroke with tablet-values. Of course, this only work for tablets, and currently only on Paint Layers.

센서 사용

This will draw the line while taking sensors into account. To use this effectively, start the line and trace the path like you would when drawing a straight line before releasing. If you make a mistake, make the line shorter and start over.


This will show the old-fashioned preview line so you know where your line will end up.