G’Mic Settings

G’Mic or GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing is an opensource filter framework. The G’Mic plugin for Krita exists only on Windows and Linux.

Updates to G’Mic

There is a refresh button at the bottom of the G’Mic window that will update your version. You will need an internet connection to download the latest version.

If you have issues downloading the update through the plugin, you can also do it manually. If you are trying to update and get an error, copy the URL that is displayed in the error dialog. It will be to a “.gmic” file. Download it from your web browser and place the file in one of the following directories.

  • Windows : %APPDATA%/gmic/update2XX.gmic

  • Linux : $HOME/.config/gmic/update2XX.gmic

Load up the G’Mic plugin and press the refresh button for the version to update.

Deprecated since version 5.0: G’Mic is now included into Krita itself, and thus does not need to be configured separately anymore.