These are all blending modes which seem to make the image go negative.

Additive Subtractive

Subtracts the square root of the lower layer from the upper layer.


Left: Normal. Right: Additive Subtractive.

Arcus Tangent

Divides the lower layer by the top. Then divides this by Pi. Then uses that in an Arc tangent function, and multiplies it by two.


Left: Normal. Right: Arcus Tangent.


Checks per pixel of which layer the pixel-value is highest/lowest, and then subtracts the lower value from the higher-value.


Left: Normal. Right: Difference.


Subtracts the underlying layer from the upper-layer. Then inverts that. Seems to produce the same result as Difference.


Left: Normal. Right: Equivalence.


This multiplies the two layers, adds the source, and then subtracts the multiple of two layers twice.


Left: Normal. Right: Exclusion.


The absolute of the 1.0f value subtracted by the base subtracted by the blend layer. abs(1.0f - Base - Blend)


Left: Normal. Right: Negation.