Image Menu

Gives you the image properties.
Image Background Color and Transparency
Change the background canvas color.
Convert Current Image Color Space.
Converts the current image to a new colorspace.
Trim to image size
Trims all layers to the image size. Useful for reducing filesize at the loss of information.
Trim to Current Layer
A lazy cropping function. Krita will use the size of the current layer to determine where to crop.
Trim to Selection
A lazy cropping function. Krita will crop the canvas to the selected area.
Rotate Image
Rotate the image
Shear Image
Shear the image
Mirror Image Horizontally
Mirror the image on the horizontal axis.
Mirror Image Vertically
Mirror the image on the vertical axis.
Scale to New Size
The resize function in any other program Ctrl + Alt + I
Offset Image
Offset all layers.
Resize Canvas
Change the canvas size. Don’t confuse this with Scale to new size.
Image Split
Splits the image.
Wavelet Decompose
Does Wavelet Decompose on the current layer.
Separate Image
Separates the image into channels