File Menu


Make a new file. Shortcut: Ctrl + N


Open a previously created file. Shortcut: Ctrl + O

Open Recent

Open the recently opened document.


File formats that Krita can save to. These formats can later be opened back up in Krita. Shortcut: Ctrl + S

Save As…

Save as a new file. Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + S


This opens the Sessions manager.

Open existing Document as Untitled Document…

Similar to import in other programs.


Additional formats that can be saved. Some of these formats may not be later imported or opened by Krita.

Export Advanced…

Similar to export, but it includes crop and resize options.

Import Animation Frames…

Import frames for animation.

Import Video Animation…

Import a video animation.

Render Animation…

Render an animation with FFmpeg. This is explained on the Render Animation page.

Save Incremental Version

Save as a new version of the same file with a number attached. Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + S

Save Incremental Backup

Copies and renames the last saved version of your file to a backup file and saves your document under the original name. Shortcut: F4

Create Template from Image…

The \*.kra file will be saved into the template folder for future use. All your layers and guides will be saved along!

Create Copy from Current Image

Makes a new document from the current image, so you can easily reiterate on a single image. Useful for areas where the template system is too powerful.

Document Information

Look at the document information. Contains all sorts of interesting information about image, such as technical information or metadata.


Close the view or document. Shortcut: Ctrl + W

Close All

Close all views and documents. Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + W


Close Krita. Shortcut: Ctrl + Q