This allows you to have textured strokes. This parameter always shows up as two parameters:



Which pattern you’ll be using.


The size of the pattern. 1.0 is 100%.

Horizontal Offset & Vertical Offset

How much a brush is offset, random offset sets a new per stroke.

Texturing mode
Multiply Alpha

Uses alpha multiplication to determine the effect of the texture. Has a soft feel.

Subtract Alpha

Uses subtraction to determine the effect of the texture. Has a harsher, more texture feel.

New in version 4.4: Lightness and Gradient Map options:

Lightness Map

Applies lightness values of the texture to the paint. Can be used to simulate paper/canvas, or for painting a texture, like reptile skin or tree bark.

Gradient Map

Maps gray/lightness values of the texture to the currently selected gradient. Useful for painting textures with multiple colors, like reptile skin, tree bark, stars, etc.

../../../_images/Krita_2_9_brushengine_texture_01.png ../../../_images/Krita_4_4_brushengine_texture_lightness_gradient_demo.png
Cutoff policy

Cutoff policy will determine what range and where the strength will affect the textured outcome.


Doesn’t cut off. Full range will be used.


Cuts the pattern off.


Cuts the brush tip off.


Cutoff is… the grayscale range that you can limit the texture to. This also affects the limit takes by the strength. In the below example, we move from the right arrow moved close to the left one, resulting in only the darkest values being drawn. After that, three images with larger range, and underneath that, three ranges with the left arrow moved, result in the darkest values being cut away, leaving only the lightest. The last example is the pattern without cutoff.

Invert Pattern

Invert the pattern.


Brightness and Contrast

New in version 3.3.1: Adjust the pattern with a simple brightness/contrast filter to make it easier to use. Because Subtract and Multiply work differently, it’s recommended to use different values with each:


New in version 4.4: Neutral Point adjustment:

Neutral Point

Adjust the gray value that is considered neutral in the texture. 0.5 keeps the texture as is; higher values make the texture darker, and lower values make the texture lighter. Works a bit differently from the brightness option, and is mostly useful to adjust existing textures to work well with Lightness Map and Gradient Map modes (though it can have applications with the other two modes).


This allows you to set the texture to Sensors. It will use the cutoff to continuously draw lighter values of the texture (making the result darker).

New in version 4.4: For Lightness Map and Gradient Map modes, Strength controls how much of the texture is applied compared to how much of the selected paint color comes through.