Log Viewer

The log viewer docker allows you to see debug output without access to a terminal. This is useful when trying to get a tablet log or to figure out if Krita is spitting out errors while a certain thing is happening.

The log docker is used by pressing the enable logging button at the bottom.


When enabling logging, this output will not show up in the terminal. If you are missing debug output in the terminal, check that you didn't have the log docker enabled.

The docker is composed of a log area which shows the debug output, and four buttons at the bottom.

Log Output Area

The log output is formatted as follows:


This is just a regular debug message.


This is a info output.


This is a warning output.


This is a critical error. When this is bolded, it is a fatal error.


There's four buttons at the bottom:

Enable Logging

Enable the docker to start logging. This caries over between sessions.

Clear the Log

This empties the log output area.

Save the Log

Save the log to a text file.

Configure Logging

Configure which kind of debug is added. By default only warnings and simple debug statements are logged. You can enable the special debug messages for each area here.

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