Brush Packs


David Revoy


Ramon Miranda


Concept art & Illustration Pack




Vasco Basqué

















Texture Packs


David Revoy


David Revoy

External tutorials


Simón Sanchez' "Learn to Create Pixel Art from Zero" course on Udemy

User-made Python Plugins

To install and manage your plugins, visit the Comment réaliser un module externe Python pour Krita area. See the second area on how to get Krita to recognize your plugin.


Direct Eraser Plugin

ThreeSlots plugin: creates three brushtool shortcuts that memorize last used brush preset for each slot independently from each other.

QuickColor: shortcuts to get a color from a specified palette

BrushColorSwitch: switches brush and foreground/background color with the same action/shortcut.

Tablet Controls Docker

On-screen Canvas Shortcuts

Workflow improvements

AnimLayers (Animate with Layers)

Reference Image Docker (old style)

Mirror Fix - Correct Symmetry Errors

ToggleRefLayer: enables you to assign a keyboard shortcut to toggle the visibility of a reference layer named "reference"

Shotgun Toolkit Engine for Krita: allows working in a managed way, loading/saving/publishing artwork, keeping it up to date and publishing your projects and layers into Shotgun

File management

Art Revision Control (using GIT)

Spine File Format Export

Color selectors

Pigment.O - Color Picker


Subwindow organizer: split screen, adjusting to window size changes, snapping to workspace borders and more.

KanvasBuddy: a small dialog that floats on top of the canvas packed with enough features to let you spend as much time in Canvas-Only mode as possible. The idea behind KB was to provide the 20% of tools used 80% of the time in the most out-of-the-way GUI possible.

Python plugins development

Krita Plugin generator

Python auto-complete for text editors


Timer Watch - Time Management Tool

Post images on Mastodon

Bash Action (works with OSX and Linux)

See Something We Missed?

Have a resource you made and want to to share it with other artists? Let us know in the forum or visit our chat room to discuss getting the resource added to here.


We have curated a list of community created resources for Krita. These resources will be hosted on external website, which is not under the control of Krita or KDE. Please report any error or corrections in the content to the Krita developers.