The compositions docker allows you to save the configurations of your layers being visible and invisible, allowing you to save several configurations of your layers.

Adding new compositions

You do this by setting your layers as you wish, then pressing the plus sign. If you had a word in the text-box to the left, this will be the name of your new composition.

Activating composition

Double-click the composition name to switch to that composition.


Rearranging compositions

You can rearrange compositions by using the up/down buttons.

Removing compositions

The minus sign. Select a composition, and hit this button to remove it.

Exporting compositions

The file sign. Will export all checked compositions.

Nouveau dans la version 4.4: It is also possible to render animations for each selected composition. This will use the settings last used in the render animation dialog, simplifying the export process.

Updating compositions

mouseright a composition to overwrite it with the current configuration.

Rename composition

mouseright a composition to rename it.