Spray Brush Engine


A brush that can spray particles around in its brush area.


Spray Area

The area in which the particles are sprayed.


The size of the area.

Aspect Ratio

It's aspect ratio: 1.0 is fully circular.


The angle of the spray size: works nice with aspect ratios other than 1.0.


Scales the diameter up.


Increases the spacing of the diameter's spray.



Use a specified amount of particles.


Use a % amount of particles.

Mouvement agité

Jitters the spray area around for extra randomness.

Distribution gaussienne

Focuses the particles to paint in the center instead of evenly random over the spray area.

Spray Shape

If activated, this will generate a special particle. If not, the brush-tip will be the particle.


Can be...

  • Ellipse

  • Rectangle

  • Anti-aliased Pixel

  • Pixel

  • Image

Width & Height

Decides the width and height of the particle.


Locks Width & Height to be the same.


Allows you to pick an image for the Image shape.

Shape Dynamics

Random Size

Randomizes the particle size between 1x1 px and the given size of the particle in brush-tip or spray shape.

Fixed Rotation

Gives a fixed rotation to the particle to work from.

Randomized Rotation

Randomizes the rotation.

Follow Cursor Weight

How much the pressure affects the rotation of the particles. At 1.0 and high pressure it'll seem as if the particles are exploding from the middle.

Angle Weight

How much the spray area angle affects the particle angle.

Color Options

TSV aléatoire

Randomize the HSV with the strength of the sliders. The higher, the more the color will deviate from the foreground color, with the direction indicating clock or counter clockwise.

Random Opacity

Randomizes the opacity.

Color Per Particle

Has the color options be per particle instead of area.

Sample Input Layer.

Will use the underlying layer as reference for the colors instead of the foreground color.

Remplir l'arrière-plan

Fills the area before drawing the particles with the background color.

Mix with background color.

Gives the particle a random color between foreground/input/random HSV and the background color.