Dyna Brush Engine


Dyna brush uses dynamic setting like mass and drag to draw strokes. The results are fun and random spinning strokes. To experiment more with this brush you can play with values in 'dynamic settings' section of the brush editor under Dyna Brush.

Obsolète depuis la version 4.0: This brush engine has been removed in 4.0. This engine mostly had smoothing results that the dyna brush tool has in the toolbox. The stabilizer settings can also give you further smoothing options from the tool options.


Brush Size (Dyna)

Dynamics Settings

Initial Width

Initial size of the dab.


How much energy there is in the satellite like movement.

Faire glisser

How close the dabs follow the position of the brush-cursor.

Width Range

How much the dab expands with speed.



Size of the shape.


Angle of the shape. Requires Fixed Angle active to work.


Make a circular dab appear.


Draws an extra circle between other circles.


Connecting lines are drawn next to each other. The number boxes on the right allows you to set the spacing between the lines and how many are drawn.


Draws a black polygon as dab.


Draws the wireframe of the polygon.

Paint Connection

Draws the connection line.