Brush-tips:Animated Brushes


I was messing with the brushes and noticed there is an option for them to be “animated”. What does it mean and how do I use it?

Basically, they’re what are officially called ‘image hoses’, and they’re quite fun. They are basically brush-tips with multiple image files.

The typical way to make them is to first draw the ‘frames’ on a small canvas, per layer:

Krita Animated brush tip layer setup.

You can use the Alt + mouseleft shortcut on the layer thumbnails to isolate layers without hiding them.

Animated brush tips isolated layers.

When done you should have a mess like this.

Go into the brush settings (F5 key), and go to predefined brush-tips, and click stamp. You will get this window.

Predefined brush tips dialog.

And then use style animated and selection mode set to random.

Krita uses Gimp’s image hose format which allows for random selection of the images, angle based selection, pressure based selection, and incremental selection (I have no idea what constant does).

Animated brush image dialog.

Then select the above brush and your new leafy-brush tip.

Result of an animated brush.

And use it to paint trees! (for example)

You can also use animated brush tips to emulate, for example, bristle brush tips that go from very fine bristles to a fully opaque stamp based on pressure, like a dry paintbrush might do. To do this, you would follow the above instructions, but for each layer, create a different cross-section of the brush to correspond with the amount of pressure applied.