Matlık ve Akış

Matlık ve akış, bir fırçanın saydamlığını belirlemek üzere kullanılan parametrelerdir.


Boyama kipi ayarlarıyla bağıntılılardır.


The transparency of a stroke.


The transparency of separate dabs. Finally separated from Opacity in 2.9.


4.2 sürümünde değişti: In Krita 4.1 and below, the flow and opacity when combined with brush sensors would add up to one another, being only limited by the maximum opacity. This was unexpected compared to all other painting applications, so in 4.2 this finally got corrected to the flow and opacity multiplying, resulting in much more subtle strokes. This change can be switched back in the Tools Settings, but we will be deprecating the old way in future versions.

The old behavior can be simulated in the new system by…

  1. Deactivating the sensors on opacity.

  2. Set the maximum value on flow to 0.5.

  3. Adjusting the pressure curve to be concave.


Painting mode


Will treat opacity as if it were the same as flow.


Will treat opacity as stroke transparency instead of dab-transparency.


Where the other images of this page had all three strokes set to painting mode: wash, this one is set to build-up.