Making a release

Before the release

  1. Coordinate with #kde-promo

  2. Notify translators of string freeze!

  3. Verify that the release notes page is done, like

Update version in source code

  1. !! REMOVE THE SURVEY LINK !! (or, if this is a beta, make a survey and update the survey link)

  2. update the version of krita.xmlgui

  3. update the CMakeLists.txt version

  4. update the snapcraft.yaml file

  5. update the appstream screenshots

  6. update org.kde.krita.appdata.xml ‘s release tag

Create the tarball

Create and push the tag

. Set the tag: git tag -a v4.2.9-beta1 -m “Krita 4.2.9 Beta1”

  1. Push the tag: git push origin refs/tags/v4.2.9-beta1:refs/tags/v4.2.9-beta1

  2. If you need to change the tag position (not recommended):

# remove the previous tag

git push origin :refs/tags/v4.2.9-beta1

# make a new tag locally
git tag -a v4.2.9-beta1 -m "Krita 4.2.9 Beta1"

# push the new tag
git push origin refs/tags/v4.2.9-beta1:refs/tags/v4.2.9-beta1

# all Krita developers now have to refetch tags to
# get the updated tag position
git fetch origin --tags

Create the tarball

  1. Check out kde-dev-scripts: git clone kde:kde-dev-scripts

  2. Go into the createtarball folder, update the information in the ‘config.ini’ file to reflect the right tag and version number. It should look like that:

gitModule   = yes
gitTag      = v4.2.9
mainmodule  = extragear-graphics
submodule   = krita
version     = 4.2.9
translations= yes
docs        = no
kde_release = no
  1. Create the tarball: ./create_tarball_kf5.rb -n -a krita

  2. Check that created archive has ‘po’ folder and it actually has translations

  3. The scripts creates an .xz tarball, but our AppImage builder requires a traditional .gz tarball, so you need to create a .gz version of the tarball manually:

tar cfz krita-4.2.9-beta1.tar.gz --group=root --owner=root krita-4.2.9-beta1
  1. Sign both tarballs:

gpg --output krita-4.2.9-beta1.tar.gz.sig --detach-sign krita-4.2.9-beta1.tar.gz
gpg --output krita-4.2.9-beta1.tar.xz.sig --detach-sign krita-4.2.9-beta1.tar.xz
  1. Upload tarballs to, where builders can fpick them up:

Make Windows, Linux and OSX packages

  1. Request three release builds on, after starting each build,go to “Console Output” section, click on “Input Requested” and choose a tarball version to build.

  1. When builds are ready, downloads them and check:

  • Krita starts

  • Localization works

  • Python plugins are available

  • Basic painting and most recently fixed bugs are fixed

  1. Sign both AppImages:

gpg --detach-sign --output krita-4.2.9-beta-x86_64.appimage.sig krita-4.2.9-beta-x86_64.appimage
gpg --detach-sign --output gmic_krita_qt-x86_64.appimage.sig gmic_krita_qt-x86_64.appimage
  1. Build an OSX package

  2. Now you should have 15(!) files in your release folder

13 Generate an md5sum.txt file for all of them:

md5sum ./* > md5sum.txt
  1. Upload 15(!) files to (or ask sysadmins to do that using this manual

  • krita-4.2.9-beta1.tar.gz

  • krita-4.2.9-beta1.tar.gz.sig

  • krita-4.2.9-beta1.tar.xz

  • krita-4.2.9-beta1.tar.xz.sig

  • gmic_krita_qt-x86_64.appimage

  • gmic_krita_qt-x86_64.appimage.sig

  • krita-4.2.9-beta1-x86_64.appimage

  • krita-4.2.9-beta1-x86_64.appimage.sig


  • krita-x64-4.2.9-beta1-setup.exe



  • krita-x86-4.2.9-beta1-setup.exe


  • krita-4.2.9-beta1.dmg

  1. Now the folder on should have 15(!) files. Check if you missed something (and you surely did! :) ).

Release coordination

  1. Mail KDE release coordination <>

  2. Send release notes for future Krita versions to

  3. Create bugzilla version: Or file a sysadmin ticket for that.

  4. [only for a major release] Warn kde sysadmins that we’re going to release and that is going to take load. Just file a ticket on phabricator.

PR and Communications


  1. Update Kiki page

  2. Update press pack and page

  3. Verify if manual pages are updated, if not annoy @woltherav and add undocumented features to Krita: Manual

  4. Notify people that they can start making release demonstrations.


  1. Update download page

  2. Publish the announcement and release notes


  • tumblr (wolthera)

  • BlenderArtists (wolthera)

  • deviantart (wolthera)

  • VK (dmitry)

  • blendernation (boud)

  • twitter (boud)

  • facebook (boud)

  • 3dpro (boud)

  • reddit (raghukamath)


Additional info can be found here: