How to patch Qt

The Qt repository is split into submudules, so pushing a fix for it is not very trivial. Let’s assume you have Krita deps built using Krita’s build scripts and you want to modify Qt and push a fix into the registry.

  1. Make a commit in QtBase submodule

    When using submodules, the submodule folder is in “detached” state without any branch assigned, so we need to reset the branch head after we make a commit:

    cd qtbase
    git commit -a -m "your commit message"
    # reset the branch head (make sure you don't have any local
    # changes in 'krita/5.15' branch!)
    git update-ref refs/heads/krita/5.15 HEAD
    git checkout krita/5.15
    git pull --rebase
    cd ..
  1. Make a commit in the root repository and push

    git checkout krita/5.15
    git pull --rebase
    git commit -a -m "commit message for the root repo"
    git push --recurse-submodules=on-demand
  2. Update the sha1-link in Krita’s repository

    1. Open 3rdparty/ext_qt/CMakeLists.txt

    2. Modify QT_GIT_TAG with the newly pushed sha1

    3. Push!