Templates are just .kra files which are saved in a special location, so it can be pulled up by Krita quickly. This is like the Open Existing Document as Untitled Document... but then with a nicer place in the UI.

You can make your own template file from any .kra file, by using File ‣ Create Template from Image... menu item. This will add your current document as a new template, including all its properties along with the layers and layer contents.

We have the following defaults:

Animation Templates

These templates are used to make Japanese-style animation. They are designed on the assumption that they will be used in co-production, so you can customize the things like layer folders in these according to scale and details of your works. These are available in English and Japanese language.

  • Animation-Japanese-En

  • Animation-Japanese-Jp

Modèles de bandes dessinées

These templates are specifically designed for you to just get started with drawing comics. The comic template relies on a system of vectors and clones of those vector layers which automatically reflect any changes made to the vector layers. In between these two, you can draw your picture, and not fear them drawing over the panel. Use Inherit Alpha to clip the drawing by the panel.

Modèle européen de bandes dessinées

This one is reminiscent of the system used by for example TinTin or Spirou et Fantasio. These panels focus on wide images, and horizontal cuts.

Modèle US de bande dessinée

This one is reminiscent of old DC and Marvel Comics, such as Batman or Captain America. Nine images for quick story progression.

Manga Template.

This one is based on Japanese comics, and focuses on a thin vertical gutter and a thick horizontal gutter, ensuring that the reader finished the previous row before heading to the next.

Grille en métal gaufré

12 little panels at your disposal.

Design Templates

These are templates for design and have various defaults with proper PPI at your disposal:

  • Cinema 16:10

  • Cinema 2.93:1

  • Presentation A3-landscape

  • Presentation A4 portrait

  • Screen 4:3

  • Design Web

DSLR templates

These have some default size for photos:

  • Canon 55D

  • Canon 5DMK3

  • Nikon D3000

  • Nikon D5000

  • Nikon D7000

Texture Templates

These are for making 3D textures, and are between 1024, to 4092.