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Mirror Tools

Draw on one side while the mirror tool copies the results to the other. These tools are found along the toolbar. You can move location of the axis by grabbing the handle.

Horizontal-mirrror-tool.png Horizontal Mirror Tool - Mirror the results along the horizontal axis.

Vertical-mirrror-tool.png Vertical Mirror Tool - Mirror the results along the vertical axis.

There are additional options for each tool. You can access these by the clicking the drop-down to the right of each one.

  • Hide Mirror Line (toggle) -- Locks the mirror axis and hides the axis line
  • Lock (toggle) - hides the move icon on the axis line.
  • Move to Canvas Center - Moves the axis line to the center of the canvas

Mirroring along a rotated axis

The mirror tools do not allow for rotating around the axis. You can use the Multibrush Tool to accomplish this. With this tool you can use a slider to set an angle on how to mirror. It also has more advanced options besides basic symmetry as well.