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Colorize Mask

A tool for quickly coloring lineart, the Colorize Mask Editing tool can be found next to the gradient tool on your toolbox.

This feature is in 3.1, but disabled by default because we have not optimised the filling algorithm for production use yet. To enable it, find your krita configuration file, open it in notepad, and add "disableColorizeMaskFeature=false" to the top. Then restart Krita.

This tool works in conjunction with the colorize mask, and the usage is as follows:

  1. You have a lineart.
  2. Select the colorize mask editing tool while having the lineart layer selected. Ticking the canvas will add a colorize mask to the layer.
  3. You make strokes with brush colors.
  4. Press update in the tool options.
  5. Wait a small forever(we are working on this)
  6. Now you will see the filled in areas semi-transparent. Press the brush icon on the colorize layer to see the strokes as they'll end up.
  7. Now, to edit again, press the brush icon again.
  8. In the tool options of the colorize editing tool you will see a small palette. These are the colors already used. You can remove colors here, or mark a single color as standing for transparent, by selecting it and pressing "transparent".
  9. Other brushes and tools also work on the colorize mask as long as they can draw.
  10. When saving, the colorized mask is saved into the kra file.
  11. When you are done, rightclick the colorize mask and convert it to a paint layer.
  12. Then apply layer->split->split layer to it, so you can start colouring each color island separately.

Colorize masks are not animatable for now.

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